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Free Moving Truck Offers a Savings of Over $66.00!

We have taken the hassle out of borrowing a truck from your neighbor or renting a moving truck from another company by providing free use of our moving trucks for all of our new storage customers. Our free moving truck offer includes:

FREE Truck Use

(Up to a $35.00 value!) Your free truck use time is based on the size of the storage unit you rent; the larger the unit you rent the more free truck use time you will receive up to a maximum of 24 hours free.

FREE Driving Miles

(Over a $21.00 value!) In addition to free truck use time you will also receive 25 free driving miles; typically enough mileage to cover a round-trip from our facility to where your goods are located and return to the facility.

1/2 OFF Hand Trucks

(A $5.00 value!) Get a hand truck for 50% off the standard rental rate and make moving your appliances, boxes and other heavy items a cinch.

1/2 OFF Moving Blankets

(A $5.00 value!) Get 1 dozen (12) moving blankets for 50% off the standard rental rate and give your goods an extra layer of protection while in transit to our facility.

Our free moving truck offer does come with a few disclaimers:

Free moving truck offer is based on availability; our moving trucks are limited and not all facilities may offer free moving truck rentals - please check the facility location page to determine if free truck use at move-in is offered.

Free moving truck offer is valid for new storage tenants only and must be used within fourteen (14) days of your unit rental.

Free moving truck offer adheres to all other costs, deposit, documents and rules in accordance with our standard moving truck rental. See our MOVING TRUCKS page for further details.